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  • *Program is subject to change.
  • *Some sessions are in Korean.

* as of July 17, 2018

Thursday, November 1

  • *Symposium 01 은 대한의사협회가 지정한 필수 교육 이며 “2평점” 지급됩니다.
  • *Symposium 03 은 지도 전문의 필수 교육 세션입니다.
Time Walker Hall 1 (1F) Walker Hall 2 (1F) Cosmos Hall (3F) Art Hall (4F)
08:00-10:00 SY 01 (Kor) * 필수 교육 (2평점)     Pre-congress 02
The current status of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) and the role of clinical microbiology     (08:30-16:30)
Clinical mass spectrometry workshop
10:00-12:00 SY 02 (Kor)   Pre-congress 01
Inspector workshop of the Korean laboratory accreditation program   (10:30-16:00)
Patient-centered laboratory medicine (Women's health, Cardiac disease, Oncology)
13:00-15:00 SY 03 (Kor) * 필수 교육  
Education course for laboratory medicine specialist   
15:00-17:00 SY 04 (Kor)
In vitro diagnostics device registration and modification for MFDS
17:00-17:30 Opening Ceremony
(Walkerhill Theatre, B1) 
17:30-18:30 PL 01
Blood type and personality – Asian mythology
(Walkerhill Theatre, B1)
18:30-20:00 Welcome Reception
(Vista Hall 1, B2)

Friday, November 2

Time Vista Hall 1 (B2) Walker Hall 1 (1F) Walker Hall 2 (1F) Cosmos Hall (3F) Art Hall (4F)
08:00-08:40 KS 01 SY 06
Clinical pathologists and taking care of patients in the clinic (08:00-10:30)
Clinical laboratory reimbursement – Financial aspects of laboratory medicine
08:40-10:40 SY 05 SY 07 OP 01 Senate Meeting
Statistics & ethics for laboratory researches (09:00-10:40)
New molecular technologies for personalized medicine
Clinical chemistry 1
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 PL 02
AACC-KSLM Select Session
Expanding the measurable metabolome: How should we mine the lipidome?
12:00-13:00 EW 01 EW 02 EW 03 EW 04 EW 05

Review on potential biotin interference in immunoassays

Atellica solution workflow - Doing more with less
Roche Diagnostics Korea
cobas pro integrated solutions - Simplicity meets excellence

Significance of full panel assays in syndromic diagnosis for infectious diseases

Evaluation of new isothermal amplification molecular diagnostic method for the diagnosis of Influenza infection
13:00-14:40 SY 08 SY 09 SY 10 OP 02 OP 03
Practical aspects of laboratory management Ⅳ; Laboratory Information System (LIS) & Information Communication Technology (ICT) Education track I Genomics of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) in the era of next generation sequencing (NGS) Clinical microbiology General Laboratory Medicine & Transfusion Medicine
14:40-15:00 Break
15:00-16:40 SY 11 SY 12 SY 13 OP 04 OP 05
Accreditation system for the clinical laboratory
Education track II AACC-KSLM Select Session
Emerging clinical applications for circulating DNA analysis
Diagnostic genetics 1 & Diagnostic hematology Clinical chemistry 2 & Diagnostic immunology
17:00-18:00 KS 02 EW 06
Strategies to optimize medical laboratory for patient care in the era of universal coverage

Next molecular diagnostics solution in Sysmex
18:00-20:00 Banquet
(Walkerhill Theatre, B1)

Saturday, November 3

Time Vista Hall 1 (B2) Walker Hall 1 (1F) Walker Hall 2 (1F) Cosmos Hall (3F) Art Hall (4F)
08:00-08:40 KS 03
Bioactive lipids in laboratory medicine
09:00-10:40 SY 14 SY 15 SY 16 SY 17 (Kor) OP 06
Customer focused documents of CLSI
Recent trends in clinical chemistry for optimal patients care Updates in laboratory hematology KCDC-KSLM Session
Legislation for diagnostic tests: National regulation or supports
Diagnostic genetics 2
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 PL 03
The fight against antimicrobial resistance: Are we doing right?
12:00-13:00 EW 07 EW 08 EW 09 EW 10 EW 11

Clinical utility of prostate health index (phi) for prostate cancer detection and prediction of high risk prostate cancer

Diagnosis and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection

Measurement and clinical application of HbA1c in Japan

Clinical implications of syndromic, rapid, sample-to-answer molecular infectious disease testing

Illumina’s amplicon-based BRCA1/BRCA2 analysis: Faster and more reliable
13:00-13:40 KS 04
Integrative analyses of microbiota, immunity & environment can transform (laboratory) medicine
14:00-15:40 SY 18 SY 19 SY 20
Precision medicine in infectious diseases
Guidelines on clinical tests for patient care (14:00-15:30)
Role of specialists in transfusion medicine
15:40-16:00 KSLM General Assembly